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???????????????????????????? ????️????️????️????️????️????️????️????️ °????➿????°????°~•°???? ???????????????????????????????? ???? *_???? INTRODUCTION OF SARVASHASTRA SHIROMANI BHAGAVAD GITA FOR LIFE_* *_What's app workshop_* *_✨☝️UNDERSTANDING BAGAWAD GITA ,IMPARTENT SHLOKA AND MEANING_* *_⏰ FOUR MESSAGES daily, 22 Days._* *_???? What you learn?_* *_✨Chanting and meaning of selected shlokas from all 18chapters Meanings_* *_BENEFITS ????_* *_???? Learn how to make decisions_* *_♻️Learn how to solve problems_* *_✳️ Gain Self confidence._* *_???? learn how to Enjoy work and Life._* *_????️Expirience the divinity._* *_????Bring hormony in you._* *_???? Learn how to purify mind intelect and resolves_* *_???? Enhance the Concentration & Memory ???? Learn what is the Aim of GITA_* *_????GAIN Stress free & happy life._* *_???? Starts as soon as group filled up._* *_???? No Guru Dakshine On line spirituality _obselutly FREE* *_???? Course conducted fromSPIRITUAL EPICS OF THIS UNIVERSE IN FOUR LANGUAGES GUIDELINES TO LEARN._* *_????‍♂️YOGA THROUGH BHAGAVAD-GITA._* *_???? ANY ONE OF HUMAN BEINGS CAN LEARN MEDITATION THROUGH THIS GROUP LINK._* *_????????????.     The Bhagavad-Gita has no restrictions of qualification as to who can hear it or read it. Everyone regardless of caste or social position may hear or read it at any time._* *_· ????????????.      The Bhagavad-Gita is composed of 700 Sanskrit verses contained within 18 chapters, divided into three sections each consisting of six chapters. They are Karma Yoga the yoga of actions. Bhakti Yoga the yoga of devotion and Jnana ????‍♀️Yoga the yoga of knowledge._* *_·Expirience on line spirituality_* *_✍️✨LEARN MEDITATION FOR FREE AND LIVE LIKE LOTUS????_* ????️✝️☪️☯️☸️✡️????????☮️ *°????➿????°????°~•°????°????????????????✨*

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